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Maverick Supply has been delivering valves and flow solutions for a number of years. We have made it our business to know our products inside and out, and when it comes to valves, pipe and fittings, what’s inside makes a big difference. We can set you up for success.

Valves and plumbing repair

Different types of valves provide varied functionality and knowing the difference is critical to the long term prosperity. Our team of industrial people will connect you to the piping solutions you need, to get the job done with confidence.

Maverick Supply stocks a wide variety of valves and connection configurations

  • Gate Valves create a seal to completely obstruct flow by dropping a disc shaped gate, when engaged, via a wheel handle. When closed, the disc is fully retracted allowing for free, unobstructed flow. Gate valves are commonly employed when the intended use is to be fully open or fully closed.
  • Needles Valves are durable and compact and are designed to control the flow of water in small quantities. If you are looking to install humidifiers, fountains, icemakers, refrigerators, and more appliances that require specialized low volume water flow; talk to our team about needles valves and we’ll match you with the size and connection configuration you need.
  • Ball Valves are controlled by a lever and use a rotating ball to offer precision regulation of flow. A ball valve is the most commonly applied valve design and can be used for throttling and full flow applications.
  • Butterfly Valves operate via a rotating disc that is controlled by the amount of handle turns applied. Butterfly valves are ideal for situations where flow is either fully opened or completely closed and where a lightweight valve is preferred.
  • Check Valves are preventative measures that ensure the flow only goes one way. Check valves are critical in preventing unwanted waste water from re-entering the supply.

Maverick Supply offers the widest selection of pipe, valves and supplies in Southern California.

We weren’t kidding about knowing our parts inside and out, and when it comes to plumbing valves types, our expertise and inventory is unmatched. Our team will match you with the valve size and type you need for any job, large or small.