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Pipe – Maverick Supply

Pipe – Maverick Supply

Maverick Supply’s experts have built our reputation on knowing our stuff and when it comes to seamless pipe. We are the professionals with years of experience you can trust. We can help you assess your plumbing project to ensure the right grade, shape, size, pipe price, and materials are implemented so your water-ways and fluid systems flow freely and are up to code, for many years to come.

Maverick Supply offers expertise on the following pipe types:

Carbon steel pipe is a low cost, versatile, high temperature pipe available in various grades for a variety of applications. It is the most commonly used metal piping and can be used for both structural purposes and the flow conduction of fluids and gas. Carbon steel pipe has a max working pressure of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and can be welded for safe, seamless connectivity.

  • Stainless steel pipe and tubing is available in different sizes and specifications dependant on its intended function and can be welded and machined. Stainless steel pipe stands up to corrosion and is known for its longevity.
  • Cast iron pipe was used throughout the 19th and 20th century as a pressure pipe to deliver water, gas, drainage and sewage. Phone our team of experts at Maverick Supply Inc. for your custom tailored piping solutions.
  • Ductile iron pipe is the modern solution to cast iron for potable water transmission and is resistant to the corrosive elements in various soil types when coupled with our advanced laying methodology. Thanks to internal linings made from cement mortar and bonded zinc coatings or asphalt or water-based paint, ductile iron pipe can last for up to 100 years in the toughest of environments.
  • PVC pipe is employed in plumbing scenarios where low thermal conductance is present and is most commonly used for drain pipes and the transportation of cold water at high pressure. PVC is joined by a primer that softens and a glue that melts the PVC together for a seamless joint. As a rule of thumb, operating pressure should never be over half of the rated pressure of PVC pipes. PVC tubing should be labelled clearly if used to transport potable and non-potable water within the same structure.

CPVC pipe is chlorinated plastic pipe that can withstand water temperatures of up to 180 degrees F depending on the schedule or classification of the tubing. It is important to use glue that is rated for use with CPVC pipes for proper connectivity.

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Maverick Supply is your premiere source for pipe for all of your pipe valve and fitting applications. Phone our highly trained team of experienced professionals for a competitive quote.